GtA 6 is rumoured to be announced on March 25.

New developments are taking place regarding gta 6, which avote lovers are looking forward to. New rumours support claims that GTA 6 will be announced on March 25th. Gamers also thought the GTA 6 would be in London and created a new concept design.

Rockstar Games, one of the most important names in the video game industry, has been on the agenda with GTA 6 for a long time. The company has so far made no comment on this game, but some developments have led to rockstar games being thought to be working on GTA 6. However, the unrelenting speculation did not escape the attention of the gamers.

Sharing information allegedly leaked from Rockstar Games employees

When we look at the highlights of the above share, we can reach the details that gta 6 will pass in Vice City and the map is really big. In addition, sources say there is only one character in the game and this character will be male. In addition, the allegations that gta 6 will be the subject of drug cartels, which have emerged in recent times, are once again coming up.

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