Chromecast Support for Spotify's Mac and Windows Apps

Spotify has finally brought Chromecast support to its Windows and Mac apps. This way, you'll now be able to play music on Chromecast-connected devices in the desktop app as well as mobile apps.

Spotify, the world's most popular online music service, has finally brought Chromecast support to its mac and windows versions. This allows you to log on to Chromecast over Spotify on your Mac and Windows computers and check which device music will play on without having to carry your mobile device with you.

IOS and Android users have long been able to control music on different devices through Spotify Connect via mobile app. The new Chromecast support makes it possible to do so in the desktop app as well. The feature that comes with version 1.1.38 of the desktop app is available from the 'available devices' menu

Available on spotify's desktop app and web player, the feature allows Spotify users to see all devices connected to Chromecast from where they sit and easily control the music playing on them. Of course, before you can use the new feature, you must first upgrade your desktop app to the latest version.

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