Apple Renews 27 Thivating iMac for The Last Time

Apple unveiled its new updated 27-inch iMac in a press release. It was also revealed that the new iMac, which has been rumored to be arm-based, is coming with an Intel processor.

The new iMac, introduced by the tech giant in a press release, also does not include new Arm-based silicone. In fact, visually, there are not very large differences compared to the previous one. But it still promises important features for users who will want to buy it.

The new 27-inch iMac is a 6- and 8-core 10th-century. comes with the next generation Intel processor. However, the CPU can also be extracted to 10 cores for greater processing power. The device has 8GB of RAM, but the 27-inch iMac has up to 128GB of RAM. Looking at the graphic side, amd's Radeon Pro 5000 series is used. The storage part of the new iMac is the kind that will please its users because it comes with ssd. Storage capacity from 256GB to 8TB.

The 27-inch Retina 5K display features True Tone technology. This feature can adjust the color temperature on the screen so that it can blend better with ambient light. As with other parts, there is an upgradeable option here. There is a nano-textured life option that can reduce brightness without seriously affecting sharpness and contrast.

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