How to get a four-month Apple Music subscription for free through TikTok

Apple is now offering TikTok users four months of free Apple Music trial. All you need to do is subscribe to TikTok through the App Store on iOS. Currently, Apple Music is being tested for free for three months, and you'll get another month to subscribe to TikTok.

Apple is known for performing various promotions for its services, such as Apple Music. The company recently offered a six-month free Apple Music trial when you sign in through the Shazam app. The company is also promoting its latest Apple One service package for iOS.

Eligible users will see an in-app notification on TikTok. You must click the notification to receive a free four-month Apple Music trial. Please note that the offer is only available for new Apple Music subscriptions. In other words, if you're already a subscriber or have already used Apple Music, the offer isn't for you. The action highlights Apple Music playlists that contain viral TikTok music.

Check out the brand new official TikTok playlists. Get Free Apple Music for four months to start listening. Redeem now. Four months free only for new memberships.

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