A Car Is Coming From Apple This Time: Here Are All the Features That Know and Its Likely Price

We often remember US tech giant Apple with its iPhone, iOS and Mac computers, mostly talking about its services in these ecosystems. But rumors have emerged over the years that Apple is also preparing to enter the automotive industry. For you, we've compiled all the known about the car and its ecosystem that Apple is working on.

Are you ready for the king of technology-driven gossip? The Apple Car that's been dreamed up for years is really coming this time! The increasingly obvious features of Apple's car have confirmed important claims that have been made over the years. As you can imagine, the car in question, which is expected to be announced as an Apple Car, actually has a serious story. What we need to examine from the past to the present is about to reach apple car, the final result of the process that began with Project Titan. 

We suggest you get a hot coffee before you start the summary, because what happened about Apple's car has become a snake story. In fact, if a series was made for apple's work, it would be a great 2-season production on Netflix. We tell you all the developments and knowns about the Apple car, its features and prices.

In 2014, Apple began to think about how to start the so-called Apple Car or iCar project with its team obsessed with the idea of producing cars. The team secretly launched the Apple Car project in Berlin, Germany, where they later set up a top, according to the information that later emerged. The "Project Titan" team, which made very serious transfers from the German car industry, thus began work. Apple, which has formed a team of 15 to 20 people, especially by meeting with the German government, wanted to overcome all possible technical obstacles. 

At Project Titan, the main goal was to make "driverless vehicle" software and design. They discussed and agreed with China's Contemporary Amperex Technology (CATL). In fact, just as Apple has made CATL sign a nondisclche agreement, the firm is still avoiding explanation.

  • Apple will definitely produce a 100% autonomous car
  • iCar will be stable and minimal as software and technology
  • A minimal design will be preferred in the design
  • Electric vehicle's range will be the longest on the market
  • Apple's car software could be sold to many autonomous vehicle companies

We have prepared the features for you in the context of patents and companies discussed rather than rumors about Apple vehicles in the market. Apple, which has been confirmed to have conducted production tape and technology talks with Hyundai, is also known to have met with several companies other than Hyundai.  In light of the information that has been collected since Project Titan and the issues disclosed in the market, we have listed all known features for you.

Apple, which will recognize its driver by fingerprint, has started a serious R&D on cars that want to develop autonomous vehicles. Apple applied for a lot of patents during this process, even causing allegations that it was producing "Apple Minibus" due to this situation. Apple is still partnering with many companies for processors and technology in the vehicles it wants to develop. Apple, which has transferred many engineers from Tesla, is already certain to have "Tesla" inspirations in its autonomous technology.

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