Google publishes route planning function for electric vehicles on maps

Google has finally released its long-awaited route planning feature for EV owners. Thanks to the company's new feature, EV owners can see where to charge on their route and how much time they will spend.

To date, Google has introduced various functions in Maps so that electric car owners can plan their trips. For example, car owners could see the estimated battery level at their destination. According to the charging stations on the street, however, the route creation was a shortcoming of Maps.

Starting today, that changes. Owners of electric cars using Google software have been able to plan the points at which they will stop charging with the new navigation update. In this way, the most efficient route is created for them through maps.

Thanks to the new function, car owners know at which charging points they can stop based on the range of their battery. Google Maps also shows car owners how much time they will be spending at these stations and what type of charging input is available at the charging station.

This feature, which Tesla users have had for a long time, came to Apple's Maps app last year along with the iOS 14 operating system. Google decided to release the feature without at least making its users wait any longer, although it was a little overdue.

Car owners who don't use Google software, such as Polestar or XC40 Recharge electric cars, are easily deprived of the new feature. The property is a feature that is not available in the Maps app on Android Auto and Apple CarPlay Mobile. Maps won't regulate the route taken by car owners, although car owners will be able to see charging stations nearby.

In addition to enabling this feature, Google also issued a small statement about its future plans. The giant company said today that it is trying to eventually incorporate Google Maps into more vehicle navigation systems.

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