New Characters and Abilities Revealed to Be Added to VALORANT

Valorant is being added to valorant, developed by riot games, the developer studio of the popular MOBA game League of Legends. The character unearthed by fans is Killjoy.

A new character to be added to Riot Games' new FPS game VALORANT has appeared on the company's official website. The new character added to the game is called Killjoy. Fans found a page on Riot's official VALORANT site that says 'Enter Killjoy'. The page describes a video showing the character's characteristics, as well as all in writing. However, there is no visual on the character's image.

Although the video showing the character's characteristics was removed shortly afterwards, the page containing the information remained. A Reddit user also recorded a video of killjoy's features one by one and uploaded them to YouTube. So, what are the characteristics of Killjoy?

The talents of KILLJOY, VALORANT's new character


This capability features a boat attacking enemies entering range. Alarmbot also not only damages the target, leaving it twice as vulnerable to attacks from each source.


As the name suggests, turrets are allowed to be established in this talent. Turret shoots at enemies in the 180-degree cone. It's a skill that can be very useful, especially when playing defense.


A grenade is being thrown at this capability. Nanoswarm is activated when the bomb goes down quietly. After this process, the nanobots that damage the enemy are released.


You're placing the device in the ability where timing is very important. Then he stops all enemies in the domain for 8 seconds. Enemies can destroy this device, but more than one can be placed.

How do you like the new character and abilities? Do you think it could become a character that players would prefer often? You can also watch all these features described above as video below.

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