RuneScape’s Archaeology Update Adding New Locations And More

Archaeology is the 28th skill to come to RuneScape, and it allows players to excavate sites and restore artefacts from RuneScape lore.

These artefacts in turn imbue players with powerful game-wide perks. Archaeology Will Prepare Players for Elder God War Dungeon The first dig site is Kharid-Et, which players can find beneath the desert near Al Kharid. This will be followed by Everlight, The Infernal Source, Stormguard Citadel, and Warforge.

Archaeology is available up to level 20 for free-to-play gamers, and 120 for members. It’s the biggest skill to have come to RuneScape in its history, and the powers that it bestows will have implications for the Elder God War Dungeon, which is coming later this year.

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