How To iphone text someone “pew pew” message

Apple revamped its messaging app in iOS 10, bringing tons of new add-ons including Bubble and Screen effects, Digital Touch, Tapback and more. Since then these have been one of the most loved features and are available in iOS 13 too. Let me show you how to use iMessage screen and bubble effects on your iPhone or iPad! How many knew that when you text pew pew on an iPhone that it will send a laser light show...try it!

The recent update iMessage on iOS causes certain words to trigger screen effects. Also, there is a way to long-press on the send button, and bring up an interface for adding these effects.We found the following associations between screen effects, and the messgaes that trigger them:

  • confetti: "congratulations", "happy birthday"
  • fireworks: "happy new year"
  • "Congratulations" or "Happy Birthday": Confetti
  • "Happy New Year": Fireworks
  • "Pew pew": Light/Laser Show
  • Happy Chinese New Years: Celebration

Also if you hold down the send button you can access a set of effects you can add to your message like a (Slam/Loud/Gentle/Invisible Ink). Now if you hold down the send button, not only do you get those set of effects, but the effects above with the SHORT list of trigger words are accessible at the top of the screen.

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