How To Earn Money From AdHitz In Blogger

As we know that Google AdSense has no exact alternative ad network but still there are some ad networks that pays for your website traffic. One of these ad networks is called AdHitz advertising for all budgets. AdHitz ad network is a PPC (Pay Per Click) ad network which pays for every click you get on your blog or website. AdHitz has slogan for bloggers and websites owners to put your website traffic to work for you. Ofcourse Google shares a big part of revenue with their publishers through AdSense and Admob but there are some strict restriction too. For example you are not suppose to show ads besides download button, could not place ads with flash ads because it captivate users. Also you have no option to float your ads on page. AdHitz has no restrictions like this. You may place any type of ads on your blog to earn money from this amazing advertising network. AdHitz is operated by a popular PTC site Clixsense (ySense) since 2009. AdHitz is compatible with all types of websites therefore you can place its ads in blogger too. 

Adhitz advertising network
How To Earn Money From AdHitz In Blogger
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AdHitz is the best Google AdSense alternative holding both options of advertiser and publisher. If you are about to monetize your blog or website traffic then choose publisher option and if you are interested to advertise your website or business then choose advertiser option. But it does not mean that you have created publisher account now you are not suppose to advertise your business. You are able to advertise your business still having publisher account. AdHitz work for you when you sleep just put your content at work and forget. 

How to create publisher account with AdHitz

1. Go to AdHitz.
2. Select publisher account and click Register.
3. Fill in all mandatory boxes i.e First Name, Last Name, Address, City, Zip/Postal Code, Country, Phone Number, Email, Confirm Email, Payment Method (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Payoneer, CoinPayments), Username, Password, Confirm Password, Secret Question, Secret Answer and check Agree to term and condition box.
4. Click Create Account.
5. After creating account verify your email address.
6. Login to your account.

adhitz for blogger

How to add website to AdHitz

1. Login to your account.
2. Click on Publisher tab in top menu.
3. A new page will be opened as "Manage Websites". This page allows you to add, edit or delete your websites. Provide as much information about your website. The more provided information will be easier for advertisers to find your website for purchasing advertising for you. Your website or blog should be legal. Don't add websites containing illegal downloads, pirated software, movies or mp3s etc. Adult websites are also not allowed on AdHitz.

How To Earn Money From AdHitz In Blogger

4. Write down your website or blog name.
5. Paste your website URL with protocol http:// or https:// i.e
6. Write down brief description about your blog or website.
7. Select catagory for your website.
8. Select type of ads you want to show on your website.
9. Select keywords or website tags for your blog or website.
10. Select No for your website about adult content.
11. Select your website language i.e English, French, german etc.
12. Where you want to show ads on your website i.e main page, bottom or contact us page.

How To Earn Money From AdHitz In Blogger

13. Block or filter your ads. Select types of ads e.g Adult Ads, Dating Ads, Bookmaker, Casino and Gambling Ads.
14. Select All Ages for age restriction.
15. Select gender group as Mixed.
16. Select geographical location you want to get traffic from.
17. Click Add New Website.

Check website state

You can check your website daily state here. Select a time span for your desired website. You can see your daily total views, unique views, clicks and sales. You have two options to see your daily state i.e table and graphs.

How To Earn Money From AdHitz In Blogger

My Ads Zones

This Page Will Allow You To Create Your Own Ad Products. Use the Tabs To Create, Text, Image or Video AdsAdvertisers cannot purchase ads on your website until your ad zone code has been placed on your website. Once the AdHitz system verifies placement of the code, your ad zones can then be purchased. After your ad zones and types are set, you should create code to place on your website.

How To Earn Money From AdHitz In Blogger

How to generate code for Ads

This Page Will Allow You To Totally Customize The Way Your Ads Will Look On Your Website. Once You Are Finished Customizing Your Ads, You Must Then Copy The Ad Code At The Bottom Of This Page, And Paste It Onto Your Website. Select website for which you want to place ads on it. Select ads type i.e text ads or image ads with pixels. Let suppose you have selected image ad 728*90 pixels. Click Save Setting at the bottom and you will get an HTML code. 

How To Earn Money From AdHitz In Blogger

How to apply ads code on your blog or website

1. Go to your blogger dashboard.
2. Select Layout.
3. Select Add a Gadget where you want to display ad.
4. A new window will be opened select HTML/JavaScript here.
5. Paste the HTML code in the window box and click Save button.
6. Refresh your blog and you will see ads displaying on your website.

How To Earn Money From AdHitz In Blogger

AdHitz CPC advertising rates

The CPC rate is what advertisers charged for. AdHitz shares 70% of its revenue with publishers. The value of the click is determined by the country where the click originated as illustrated below. Advertisers are not charged for invalid or fraudulent clicks.

How To Earn Money From AdHitz In Blogger

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