Apple's decision to pull back for Mac Studio!

Apple unveiled its new products at its March 8 event. Powered by the M1 Ultra and M1 Max chips, Mac Studio was among the products on display. We even recently learned on the YouTube channel Max Tech that the device is turned on and has a second SSD slot. However, according to the latest information, it will not be so easy to upgrade and change SSD on the device.

Apple had already recommended that users who thought Mac Studio would need extra storage in the future on its information page, despite having a second SSD slot, should already create a high-capacity configuration. The reason for this was recently revealed.

We've seen that SSD interchange can be done easily in videos where Mac Studio is opened. In fact, users who saw these videos thought they could increase storage by installing SSDs on their devices that they would buy in the future.

However, according to YouTuber Luke Miani, users will not be able to make the SSD change in Mac Studio themselves due to the company's software restriction. The same will be true for third-party services. In this case, the SSD replacement process can only be done by Apple and its authorized services.

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