Apple buy Dark Sky Weather Forecast Application

Dark Sky, which is loved by the forecast of the changes in the air in a short time today and used by millions, has changed hands today. US technology giant Apple has bought the popular weather forecast Dark Sky.

Although the purchase of Dark Sky by Apple is good news for the company, millions of users who use the application will no longer be able to access or even download Dark Sky, as the application will no longer be supported on the Android side as Dark Sky switches to Apple.

There will be no change for users who use Dark Sky on their smartphones with iOS operating system. Apple users who want to download the app to their iPhone can get the app by paying the $ 3.99 fee.

Users who previously used Dark Sky on their Android devices normally pay $ 2.99 a year to use the app, but this fee has disappeared for Apple users, and users can now have the app with a one-time payment.

In addition to providing a great interface to its users, Dark Sky also provided minute and minute weather forecasts. The application was very popular, especially for the second reason. Of course, the accuracy of the forecasts varies from time to time, but overall the forecasts were very consistent.

With the end of Dark Sky on Android, Android users will be looking for an application similar to Dark Sky, but it may not be easy to find it, because Dark Sky will not give its own API licenses to future weather forecasts, and APIs will serve until the end of 2021. announced that he would continue to give.

Download Dark Sky weather Application here

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