How to Hide iPhone Applications

How to hide iPhone application? What to know for iPhone or iPad app hiding? We've put together two methods you need to know for hiding apps on iOS.

You may want to hide apps on iPhone X or iPhone 7 and even iPhone 5s. Hiding iPhone apps is actually extremely easy; While running iOS 10 or higher, you can hide apps on the Home Screen of your iPhone, iPad, or iPad touch, regardless of which iOS device you have.

Users have been trying to figure out how to hide apps on iPhone for years and are particularly keen to hide their built-in Apple iOS apps.

While Apple doesn't offer an official way to hide apps on iPhone, many clever users have found several different ways to hide apps on their iPhone. Of course, as we mentioned earlier, if you have iOS 10 or newer.

iPhone Application Hiding

Hiding an Application Using the Application Folder

You can keep your apps up to 12 pages in an application folder on iPhone and 7 or 9 (depending on iPhone model) on each page. This means that a user can hide the application they want to hide by throwing it on the invisible side of any application folder.

The best way to hide apps in a folder is to position the app you want to hide on the second or third page of the app folder. You can follow the steps below how to do this.

  • Tap the top of any app for a few seconds. When apps start to vibrate, tap on which app you want to hide and drag it to any app. The application folder will be created.

  • Now grab the app you want to hide and slide it to the right in the folder. A new page will open in the application folder and your application will be less visible.

  • Unfortunately, you can't go to the 12th app folder pagination without creating an app in each page of the app folder on iOS. Even if you go, your application will be thrown back to the second page. For this reason, you can create up to two paginations in an application folder with two applications, and position the application on the second page of the folder.

This first method of hiding apps is not enough to completely hide apps, but it can be useful in preventing easy discovery of apps.

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