iPad Pro Teardown Shows LiDAR Scanner, Confirms 6GB RAM

iFixit has posted a teardown video of the new 2020 iPad Pro featuring a LiDAR scanner. The teardown confirms that the 2020 iPad Pro has almost the same internals as the 2018 iPad Pro barring the new and bigger camera module and the LiDAR scanner.

Accessing the internals of the tablet still requires a heat gun and picker. The teardown then proceeds to show the new camera module which is all placed on one board. This includes the LiDAR scanner which does not project as much IR light as the Face ID sensor on the iPhone X or higher. The IR light emitted by the LiDAR Scanner cannot be seen by the human eye and one requires an IR camera to view it.

Other aspects of the 2020 iPad Pro are almost the same as the 2018 iPad Pro. The USB-C port is modular in nature making it easier to replace in case it ever stops working. Apple continues to use a copious amount of glue to keep the logic board and the battery in place. The 12.9-inch iPad Pro has the same 36.59Wh battery as the 2018 iPad Pro.

Interestingly, despite complaints from users about the 2018 iPad Pro bending, Apple has not done anything to beef up the chassis of the 2020 iPad Pro. No wonder then that it bends and snaps as easily as its predecessor.

The teardown confirms the 12.9-inch iPad Pro comes with 6GB RAM which is paired with an A12Z Bionic chip. The latter is essentially the same chip as the A12X Bionic found inside the 2018 iPad Pro with just one additional GPU core.

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