NASA Releases Statement on Alleged UFO Images

NASA's Stereo rover captured the image of a mystery, circular object on February 29. Stereo's image caused UFO enthusiasts to get excited. NASA has released a statement about the images.

NASA sent two of its vehicles into space in 2006 to study the solar and sun's coronal mass pulse. Stereo, one of nasa's vehicles sent into space, is still on duty. Stereo captured a beautiful image on the last day of February with Venus and Earth in it. Captured on the stereo side, the image looked like something in the form of an apartment next to Venus and Earth.

After this image obtained by Stereo was released, UFO enthusiasts claimed that the form of apartments in the image was a UFO. However, ufo of interest' Twitter account, which revealed UFO lies, was said to have been caused by the reflections of the planet in circular form seen in the image.

NASA also confirmed the ufo of interest's statement last Friday on stereo's website. "The strange-looking geometric object is actually an internal reflection of the planet Venus in the telescope opacity," NASA said in a statement.

It is understandable that an ordinary observer thinks that the object in this image captured by Stereo is a UFO. In accelerated videos, the circular shape even appears to be traveling through space. It makes people think the reflection is a spacecraft.

Images with internal images by the Stereo tool were not first obtained on February 29. NASA posted images on Stereo's website that are like this. The built-in image photos on stereo's website can be found here. 

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