How to clear cookies on iPhone

When you delete cookies from Safari on your iPhone or iPad, you free up storage space and improve your device's performance speeds. When you clear the cache and cookies on your iPad or iPhone, you can also better protect your online privacy and potentially remove any malicious bugs your device may have picked up.

And the good news is that to delete cookies from your iPhone takes only four simple steps in your Safari settings. Keep in mind that clearing cookies on your iPhone will delete saved logins and other website information.

What Are Cookies on the iPhone or iPad?

Cookies are pieces of data placed on your iPhone or iPad by the websites you visit in order to enhance your browsing experience. From helping you retain login information to tracking what sites you typically visit or what items you are interested on Amazon, cookies and their associated data can make your web experience quicker, smoother, and more intuitive. After a while though, cookies and their associated data can take up valuable storage space on your iPhone or iPad and diminish overall performance.

How to Clear Cache & Cookies on iPhone or iPad

  • To delete cookies from your iPhone or Pad, start by going to your device's Settings app.

  • Tap Safari. Then tap Clear History and Website Data.

  • A confirmation window will pop up.

  • Tap your confirmation and that's it; the cookies are deleted!

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