How to do bill clinton music Instagram’s Nine Albums Challenge explained

Thousands of Instagram users have joined the challenge and posted the nine albums that changed their life, and this is a nice wholesome challenge we can get behind.

Whether the album is the first one you bought as a child, the soundtrack to your wedding, or simply one that makes you smile, it deserves to be shown to the world. Here's how you can join in the challenge and widen your followers' musical horizons.

And there's now a secondary spin-off challenge, which features none other than Bill Clinton showing off your favourite records. Find out how to get it here.

The challenge originated on a website called “Bill Clinton Swag,” which includes a template for the DIY meme. However, the original image that's being used to photoshop album covers into is also a photoshopped picture of Bill Clinton. In the original depiction, Clinton is sitting cross-legged on a carpeted floor, surrounded by four Joan Jett records. The composite of him was created for an article from The Onion in 1999 titled “Clinton Writes Fan Letter to Joan Jett,” according to Know Your Meme.

The Bill Clinton album challenge on Instagram

Another music challenge has made its way to Instagram and this one features Bill Clinton sitting amongst your four favourite albums. To join in with this challenge all you have to is search 'Bill Clinton swag' and click on the first website. You can search for any album and the website uploads the album cover for you and edits it into Bill Clinton's arms. Another random music challenge, but with a Bill Clinton shaped twist.

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