The best iPhone and iPad video editing apps of 2022

We have no doubt how fun and engaging the video is. It's like it's taking over the world, and rightly so. The best part is that you don't need any fancy equipment to create videos. Since the majority of iPhone or iPad cameras have high-resolution lenses, they stand in our hands as an excellent alternative to shooting. Plus, there are tons of great apps that are easy to use and give close results to professional images in just a few minutes.

You can find some of the best video editing apps for iPhone and iPad in this article.

InShot – iPhone Video Editor 

InShot allows you not only to edit videos, but also to edit pictures and even create collages. Combining multiple videos at once can be quite comfortable. However, it is possible that the merge speed will slow down.

The video editor has many features. For example, you can easily crop, cut, or split videos. It's easy to add music or audio to your video. It also allows stickers tags to videos. If you want to animate these tags, you can enter an editing section that offers a variety of effects, including background blur.

Sharing videos with InShot is very easy. And when recording a video, you can adjust its resolution between 720p and 1080p 4k options. If you think your video needs more attention, you can draft and edit it for later use.

VN iPhone Video Editor 

Do you want to take audio from the video or crop it to a specific size? VN Video Editor has everything you need. And once you get used to it, the app is easy to use. You also get the option to choose your video's preferred aspect ratio based on target social platforms like Instagram, YouTube, TikTok and more.

Indeed, it has all the features of a typical video editing app. These include cutting, cropping, and merging videos. And it allows you to add a filter to lighten the dull images. When editing videos, you can focus a small part of them on the editing panel to edit them more accurately. Therefore, you can get a professionally arranged part from it.

You can select a cover image for a video from your gallery, add music to the video from your local files, iTunes, or add an iCloud link to the music to use in your video.

VivaVideo: iPhone Video Editor&Maker 

VivaVideo is very common among both iPhone and Android users and has been in the market for over a decade. The app allows you to merge different videos. So you can shoot the videos in sections and merge them later.

If you want to add more effects to your video, such as the flame surrounding an object, they're all waiting for you there. It also includes an editing section where you can cut, split, and reassemble parts of your video. One of the catchy features of this app is the music themes section, which allows you to add music and animated themes to your video at the same time.

In addition, professional video editors prefer the premium plan to remove watermarks and ads, use more advanced features and reach the video limit in edits. If you're not ready to export the video you edited, you can save it to the draft and complete it later.

Lomotif - iPhone Video editor 

You might want to try Lomotif to quickly edit your videos. It has a simple interface. In addition to video editing, Lomotif also has a social space that allows you to participate in various channels on the platform. When you do this, you can upload videos, edit them, and see what's uploaded by other members in the app.

Although Lomotif doesn't offer many editing tools you can find in other apps, it does offer a quick way to share live or edited videos with others who use the app.

However, you can add stickers to videos, add up to three built-in filters, and add music. It also has a crop tool for splitting videos and offers up to three different aspect ratios.

As a result, you can save an edit to your camera roll on the phone, share it on a channel, or mark it as private to prevent others from seeing it. There is no way to share video with an external source from the app, but you can save it later and share it from your camera roll. And of course it's all free.

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