What is Apple's Sidecar feature and how to use it?

Mac and iPad users have become quite close with the latest updates. Sidecar, for example, is a quick and easy way to use iPad as a secondary display for your Mac. If you are thinking of getting a new monitor for your Mac, but are not ready to spend money on it, your iPad, which you do not use enough, can come into play at this point.

With Sidecar, you can quickly and easily connect your iPad to your Mac and use it as an extra monitor. Let's explain this feature in detail:

How does Sidecar work?

Sidecar uses the AirPlay interface to connect your Mac to your iPad. This is the same technology that allows you to share the screen of your iPhone with other Apple devices.

Using AirPlay means sidecar can be used completely wirelessly. There is no cable and therefore no clutter. If your iPad is running low on charge or you just want the fastest possible connection, you can connect your iPad to your Mac via USB-C and also use Sidecar with the cable interface.

You may want to experience Sidecar, even if you're never a multi-monitor user. Sidecar can be used for almost anything you experience on a traditional monitor, whether for work or gaming. Just put your iPad in a stand and start trying.

You can use Sidecar to listen to your daily news or favorite videos while working on one monitor and another. If you're a student, you can complete your article on the home screen while viewing your notes on the other screen. If you're an artist, you can open a photo on your Mac's screen and then use your iPad to draw your own version. The possibilities are endless.

Sidecar gives you more options

If you already have a Mac and iPad, Sidecar is a great way to try multi-monitor setup without spending any money. If you're always on the move, Sidecar will have software support where you can take a multi-monitor workstation wherever you want.

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