How to get travis scott skin fortnite

All accounts, it’s a bigger production than the Marshmello concert. That’s only to be expected: Fortnite’s live events have only gotten bigger since that first rocket launch oh-so long ago. This thing is shaping up to be big, with multiple shows, a big purple orb descending from the sky, and the usual suite of challenges, rewards and cosmetics. Epic has already revealed some of the cosmetics we’ll be able to earn through challenges before the event, but Scott himself has given us a preview of himself in the game:

That’s clearly the skin itself on top of the glider there, which you’ll be able to earn just by showing up to any of the concerts. We’ve seen a number of “real person: skins in the game lately, starting with the Ikonik skin a ways back and continuing through the Icon series of streamer skins that Epic has been debuting recently. We also got another, low-res angle on it from a datamine a while back, though it could have changed since then:


Epic Games had tweeted about the Travis Scott Astronomical Event taking place in Fortnite earlier today on the official Fortnite Twitter account and Travis Scott later tweeted an image of a Travis Scott Skin in-game, along with the Astroworld Cyclone Glider.

The Astroworld Cyclone Glider is a reward that will be awarded to players who attend at least one of the Astronomical Shows. The Travis Scott Skin however will be available in the Item Shop.

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