How to use Gibberish on Instagram filter and guess the right answer

All Instagram users will know the number of filters that keep coming up each and every day. The latest one on the list is ‘Gibberish Challenge’. Everyone on Instagram as well as TikTok is going crazy after this filter of course because they have nothing to do sitting at home due to country-wide lockdown thanks to coronavirus and the filter is pretty interesting. Not just regular users but popular celebrities like Anushka Sharma, and others are also trying out this filter.

In ‘Gibberish Challenge’ a user basically needs to guess a word or phrase. The filter shows a phrase that makes no sense at all and the user will need to read it constantly to guess the right phrase before the timer goes off.

How to use this Instagram filte Gibberish challenge

*To try out the challenge first head over to @gu_christopher profile — the creator of the challenge and click on the middle tab to and open the first post. You will see a ‘Try it’ option there, click on it.

*On clicking the ‘Try it’ option the filter will be saved in your Instagram camera for you to take up the Gibberish Challenge whenever you want.

*After adding the filter to your Instagram camera tap and hole the middle icon to start a video.

*A phrase will then appear on your mobile screen with a 10 second timer. You will need to guess the Gibberish before time’s up.

*After the timer is over the correct answer to the Gibberish will be shown to help you find if you were right or failed miserably.

*Similar to other Instagram filters you will be able to save the video and share it with your friends.

Notably, now that Gibberish filter is added to your Instagram camera you can also use the filter on TikTok. Hashtags like #guessthegibberish and #gibberishchallenge are trending on both TikTok and Instagram.

The best way to guess the Gibberish is to read it aloud again and again and the correct phrase will definitely strike your head. Notably, the Gibberish will read quite similar to the original phrase so keep reading to guess it right the next time.

Before trying out the Gibberish Challenge one must ensure to update the Instagram app to the latest version from Google Play store and Apple App store.

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