Installed Windows 10 on iPhone X (Video)

Windows 10 was installed on iPhone X with UTM developed to run different operating systems such as Windows and Linux on iPhone and iPad.
Virtual machines enable the use of another operating system over an operating system. So far, we have seen very interesting uses of virtual machines. But we may be seeing the most interesting use of virtual machines on iPhone X now.

UTM has been developed in the past period, which will enable virtual machines to be used on iPhones and iPads. Using UTM, operating systems such as Windows and Linux can be run on iPhone and iPad except iOS.

The new video published on Hacking Jules YouTube channel shows that Windows 10 is installed on an iPhone X using UTM. In the video, Windows 10 installed on iPhone X with a UTM virtual machine running on mobile hardware seems to be working.

Windows 10, which has been successfully installed on iPhone X, works quite slowly as predictably. It is necessary to wait 30 seconds when trying to enter sections such as File Explorer or Settings, which are the basic components of Windows 10.

It can be seen that Windows 10 is fully working on iPhone X running Windows 10 with virtual machine. Opening File Explorer, Settings, Office, and Paint to try apps on video. Although it takes a long time to open these applications, I can say that iPhone X can open Windows 10 applications.

Installing Windows 10 on iPhone X with UTM also takes quite a long time. It is said in the video that it takes 2 hours to install Windows 10 on the virtual machine. The installation time of Windows 10 on an ordinary computer is 20 minutes. But when the combination of a computer and the iPhone X is compared, it is quite normal for the load time to take longer.

If you want to run Windows 10 with a virtual machine on your iPhone X, download AltStore to your iPhone and add the source ''. Then install UTM. After installing UTM, you can download the ISO file of Windows 10 and run Windows 10 on your phone.

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