The Meizu smartphone will get an improved night mode

The developers of the company Meizu Technology continues to improve shell Flyme. Smartphones Chinese manufacturer will get an improved night mode with static dimming the colors of the Wallpaper, according to Weibo.

In Android OS includes a feature for changing screen shades depending on the time of day. However, this mode has several disadvantages, because the display becomes dark blue or gray, and not black. The innovation will allow owners of smartphones Meizu to choose which mode to use – traditional for Flyme or Android – Dark Mode. The developers of the Chinese company experienced created the function in programs that allow you to download the Wallpaper and show weather forecast. This testing became known that the activation of the advanced night mode the screen becomes darker than before.

Note on the need to use Dark Mode experts disagree. In 2017, the study, whose results were published in the journal Applied Ergonomics revealed that dark characters on a white background increases readability. Therefore, people with normal vision, not recommended night mode. Patients with cataracts is to use Dark Mode or Flym often.

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