A Mode Developed in GTA V Where You Can Ride With Your Real Bike

You loves to ride a bike, but if you can't give up the game consoles, the new game mode will make you very happy. With a few pieces you need to provide, you will be able to exercise in your home and also enjoy playing GTA V.

This mode, called GT Bike V, is a very unique example of creativity and programming. Mod works completely compatible with them if you have smart bikes from brands mentioned in the video in your home. And don't worry if you don't have a smart bike system. You'll be able to walk the streets of Los Santos any way with a small device called 'Smart Trainer', which you can add to your bike.

You can ride a bike on a large and detailed map of gta v; quality and you will use a fun bike simulator because with the help of the program in mode with the apparatus you plug into your bike, you can adjust your speed and strain rating. As we talk about a real virtual world experience, as you climb the game, the program will increase the resistance of pedals on your bike and you will have the chance to have a real experience.

There are different pre-programmed routes in mode. You can choose what you want and you'll be able to keep track of how many calories you burn while you're playing your sport in the game, as well as the distance you take from the Garmin Gaming app. Of course, no one wants to deal with guidance at the same time when riding a bike. Mod also helps with this, and your character in the game is guiding itself. For those who do not want to use the route that is set, you can freely cycle through the streets without any routing problems.

Moduine developer Makinolo has made several more improvements for sports enthusiasts. While you're riding your bike, the mode hides data like the distance it gets in the background, the tempo and the calories burned; stores them as a FIT file. Since some sports programs like Strava are supported, it's much easier to bring your experience to real life. In order to use this feature alone, you must play GTA V on the computer. Smart Trainer and your computer also need ANT+ support. You can click here to review and download the developed mode.

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