Donald Trump To Sign A Decree On Social Media Today

White House spokesman told reporters that Trump will sign a decree on social media platforms on Thursday.White House Spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany made some remarks to reporters on Air Force One, the presidential plane. A White House spokesman said Trump will sign a decree on social media platforms today.

Details of the decree signed by the US President were not disclosed, but the Washington Post suggested that various federal agencies would be given the authority to punish various federal agencies after overseeing social media companies such as Twitter, Facebook and Google.

According to two officials who know about the decree to be signed, the U.S. Department of Commerce and the Federal Communications Commission will be asked to narrow section 230 of the Communications Decree Act, which protects internet companies from legal responsibility.

Sources told The Washington Post that the decree could accept complaints about political bias by decree and investigate content surveillance practices of social media platforms because of complaints. Sources also said these investigations could require federal agencies to review their social media ad spending.

Kate Klonick of St. John's University, who announced that Trump has reached the decree, said the decree would suggest that information control of the content was covered by editorial behavior, so the 230th President of the United States would be able to make the decision. He said he would argue that he couldn't be protected under the department. Klonick said the decree also states that federal agencies are on the 230th floor. He added that the Department could prohibit advertising on platforms that violate editorial conduct provisions.

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