Minecraft Dungeons DLC Revealed

Minecraft's new game Minecraft Dungeons, which will go on sale tomorrow, has yet to be announced. 2 different DLC will be free in the game's Hero Edition version.

Minecraft, which has reached millions of players since its release, is preparing to perform with its new game. The new game, called Minecraft Dungeons, is designed in a slightly different way than normal Minecraft. Although the images are based on the original Minecraft, the game mechanics work differently in this new game. Minecraft Dungeons will take its place on the shelves on May 26.

This game, prepared by Mojang, acquired by Microsoft, does not have a very deep story. The game is designed in an easy way to play. You beat enemies with spells, weapons and abilities, crossing levels one by one. It takes less than 6 hours for all departments to be completed successfully. The game will also be available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Windows.

The game's very short-duration has prompted developers. Mojang and Double Eleven have begun working on DLCs that will be available free of charge in the Hero Edition version. A Reddit user named zozozrobv2 shared images of what minecraft dlc might look like. Photos of DLCs, which can be called 'Creeping Winter' and 'Jungle Awakens', offer very clear details.

As the images show, there are 2 new environments in the DLC. The first DLC, covered with glaciers, highlights frozen zombies and floating polar bears. The other environment looks like a forest. There are different types of plants around with jaguars. If it's a visible zombie, it feels like it's made of plants.

Although Mojang has not yet made an official statement about these DLcs, these images seem very exciting. It is known that the game will include episodes such as Creeper Woods, Soggy Swamp and Desert Temple, as well as secret episodes and such DLC.

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