Sony Updates PS5's Official Website with Console's Featured Features

Sony created a webpage for its new console in February, but the page only had the PS5 logo and a space where players could sign up to get updates about the system. The official PlayStation 5 website has been updated for the first time with information explaining the best features the system has promised.

Sony did not include a new feature or announcement on its PS5 page. The company has previously introduced and promised about its new equipment. The updated page highlighted ps5's 'lightning-fast' hardware components, the console's gaming experience with stunning graphics, tactile feedback of the Dualsense controller, adaptable trigger features, and the console's 3D Audio technology.

Sony will broadcast a State of Play broadcast at 11p.m. today to take a closer look at The Last of Us: Part II, and the console giant's next plan may be geared to the PS5. Rumours recently point to an event for the next generation of consoles, which will take place in early June.

Sony is likely to announce information about the design, release date and price of its new console soon if the release date of the PlayStation 5 is not postponed due to the coronavirus outbreak. Updating the PS5's website could be a sign that new announcements may come soon. You can access the updated page of the PS5 here.

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