Android TV's Android 11 Developer Preview Released

Google plans to release a new version of its Android operating system in a few months, and the work is accelerating for this new version, which will be called Android 11.Google has updated its operating system Android TV, which turns standard TVs into massive smart screens, with its Android 11 base and released the first developer preview version of Android 11-based Android TV.

The first developer preview version of Android 11-based Android TV is currently only available for the developer kit "ADT-3". However, Google engineers are expected to expand this scope and be available to many devices, including nvidia shield, by the end of the year.

Reviews in the developer preview version show that Android 11-based Android TV has a variety of privacy and performance improvements. New accessibility and connectivity options are also coming to Android TVs. Other than that, at least at the moment, there is no noticeable change. However, Android 11-based Android TV also reveals a detail about Google's new smart TELEVISION device Sabrina.

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