Apple Admits There Are Several Issues in iOS 13.5

Recently available to iPhone owners, iOS 13.5 has brought many problems with it. Users said they had serious problems with their iPhones as well as iPadOS 13.5, but now the problems have been officially verified by Apple.

U.S.-based tech giant Apple's iOS 13, released in September last year, has never reconciled the star. Because the operating system has created a different problem in each version since its release. Apple engineers, who have released dozens of updates in succession, unfortunately still haven't resolved some of the problems. Unfortunately, it didn't give you what was expected in iOS 13.5, which was recently released.

With the release of iOS 13.5, users flocked to Apple forums to discuss their problems. Some users reported that their iPhones were running out of power after the last update, while some iPad users said their devices were in the loop.

According to some users' statement, the 10.5-inch iPad Pro is facing reboot issues. However, the solution to this situation is not currently. According to iPad users, it doesn't even work to put the device in factory settings or even run in DFU mode.

Again, according to reports by users, playing MP4 in iOS and iPadOS 13.5 also causes crashes. Interestingly, users are unable to play both local content and MP4 content from third-party apps. This is also unknown for now, but the translation of the default video extension that Apple offers in iOS 11 into "HEVC" may be igniting the fuse of this problem.

Consumers' intense complaints have also stirred apple customer support. In a statement, he confirmed that the latest version of iPadOS put the device in the restart cycle and caused problems playing files in MP4/MPEG-4 formats on both iPads and iPhones. However, no details were given on how to fix problems.

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