'Black Mirror 6. Season, Real World's Themed on Billboards

Some billboards in Spain feature posters showing the sixth season of Netflix's popular dystopian series Black Mirror on the air. 'Black Mirror 6. Season. Now on the air, everywhere.'

Netflix's famous dystopian series Black Mirror has reached a serious fan base with its five-season release. The series, which sheds light on the dark eras that the modern age can reach, actually reveals the possible consequences of the modern world.

Charlie Brooker, creator of Black Mirror, said on a radio show about a month ago that the show's sixth season is on hold. Brooker said the days we live in are not suitable for the dark future presented by black mirror, adding, "I don't know which stomach can be removed right now to stories about the disintegration of societies. That's why I'm not working on the new Black Mirror episodes," he said.

Charlie Brooker's decision to hold a dystopian series seems pretty logical as a global virus outbreak. What's happened over the last few months has made many people say, "We're almost in a Black Mirror episode." We've even seen robot dogs patrol since the coronavirus outbreak began. We can increase these samples together. But as we said above, the last few months have given a real Black Mirror sensation. 

An agency in Spain has turned this idea into a Netflix advertising campaign. "Black Mirror Season 6" on billboards at bus stops in the Spanish capital Madrid. Now on the air, everywhere," mirrors have been placed. 

Black Mirror ad mirrors, which take place at many bus stops in Madrid, make even more sense when people wearing masks, visors and gloves view themselves like this because they want to be protected from coronavirus.

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