Epic Games Announces Free Game Today

Epic Mega Discount campaign, where Epic Games Store offers many games for free, including GTA V, ends today. While it's sad that the discount ends, Epic Games will make one last beauty to the players. It has been confirmed that the company's final game during this campaign will be Ark: Survival Evolved.

Epic Games' last game was leaked in the previously revealed information. In its latest ad, which he shared on Facebook, the company announced it would give ark: survival evolved, which we are struggling to survive among dinosaurs, for free.

When we look at The Ark: Survival Evolved, which Epic Games will give for free tonight, we're looking at a survival-themed game. In the game, where you're sent by aliens to a simulation of dinosaurs, you're fighting for survival among the giant T-Rexs. In a game where you can build huge structures and tame dinosaurs, you can also get technological weapons.

Often playing with friends by forming groups makes the ARK much more enjoyable. Especially the online structure and richness of content will please the players. Epic Games will make ark free later today and will remain free until June 18th, if nothing goes wrong. In the process, those who add the game once to their library will own the game forever.

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