NBA 2K21 PlayStation 5 release date set (Video)

nba 2k21
Nba2k21 Release playstation 5

The trailer for the game features New Orleans Pelicans star rookie Zion Williamson. Looks like the new NBA 2K21 won't be behind each year's calendar and will be in front of us later in the year. NBA 2K21 looks like it's going to be a very interesting game this year. A 22-team play-off system will be implemented this year, with each team with a chance to win the championship. The calendar will be completed in the midsummer months with matches to be played in a single city.

The PlayStation 5 launch continues. Nba 2K21 is expected by a large audience as usual, although not one of the most notable games at the launch. You can watch the promotional video of the game, which will be released in the fall of this year, from the link below

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