FIFA 21 Announced in Video: Here's Release Date

Recently, after the introduction of Sony's new console, there was no explanation about FIFA, one of the console players' most popular games. While it is not known whether the new version of the game will come to PS5, finally an official statement came from EA Sports. The famous gaming company has announced that people who will buy FIFA 21 and NFL 21 to PlayStation 4 or Xbox One can also use it on Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5 at no additional cost.

FIFA 21, which is closely watched by football fans, has finally been announced. The next generation of consoles will also be available to players on October 9, 2020. FIFA will debut for 21, PS4, Xbox One, PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X.

When will FIFA 21 be released?

Announced in a spectacular video, FIFA 21 will also be available on old consoles before fully utilizing the power of the new consoles. The game, which will initially debut for PS4, Xbox One and PC, will debut with players on October 9, 2020. Those who buy the game in the Ultimate version will be able to start playing on October 6.

EA Sports' new game FIFA 21 will stand out with its high price on all consoles. The game will debut with 3 different versions and will include the Standard Version, Champions Edition and Ultimate Version.

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