How to use the soulmate filter on tiktok iPhone

Another day, another TikTok gimmick to take up hours of your day until you don't even realize how much time you’ve spent on the app. Don't pretend it isn't true, because you know exactly what TikTok does for productivity. Even so, everyone is trying to figure out how other users are using Where Is Your Soulmate on TikTok.

It has popped up on TikTok videos as a filter of sorts, in which a box appears above the user’s head in the video and lets them know how far away from them their soulmate is. There probably isn't any merit to it, or any science at all, but it’s one of those TikTok trends you kind of have to do so you can be in on the fun too. Whoever said peer pressure wasn't a thing as an adult?

'Where is your Soulmate' filter on TikTok?

Many might be unaware, but the filter "Where is your soulmate?" is not actually available on TikTok but it is available on the short-video/photo-sharing application Instagram. The video filter was created by a @erikasnacks. To find the filter on Instagram, one can follow the steps mentioned below-

You can then make a video on Instagram. All you have to do is click on ‘try it,’ and hold down the location button on the screen as various locations are shuffled through in a square above your head in the video. It could stop on something like ‘1,100 miles away’ or even ‘you have too many soulmates to count.’ You can then post the video to Instagram, or save it to your device and upload it to TikTok.

How does Where Is Your Soulmate on TikTok work?

The question about how Where Is Your Soulmate works on TikTok is sort of loaded, because obviously it doesn't actually work in the sense that it correctly predicts where your soulmate is. OK, so maybe it could land on the right answer every so often, but like all of the other Instagram filters which have made their way to TikTok videos, it's just for fun.

The location button that pops up on the screen would have you believe it really is detecting where you are as it figures out how many miles or feet away your soulmate is, but it’s all in good fun. And while it isn't a TikTok filter, which would make things so much easier, you can still easily use it on Instagram and upload the video to TikTok. What a time to be alive, right?

Steps to find ‘Where is your Soulmate?’ filter iPhone

  1. Go to the record part of the Instagram home page.
  2. Swipe and open camera.
  3. Click on the existing filter.
  4. You will get a tiny arrow below the record button, click on it.
  5. You will be led to another tab with ‘Discover Effects’ in the right-hand side bottom side of the page.
  6. Click on it and search for Soulmate finder.
  7. There will be many other similar filters, but you have to search for the specific “Where is your Soulmate?” filter or the Soulmate Radar. 
  8. You will have to update your Instagram to the latest version to get this filter.
  9. You can later upload the video with witty answers to the questions prompted by the filter itself.
  10. Once you have the video, share it on the story.
  11. You can save the video and later share on the main feed.
  12. You can also share the saved video on TikTok as many are doing so.
  13. To share the video on TikTok you will have to click on the app and then simply share it on the main feed.
  14. For both the applications, you will need a selfie camera and also an updates application for both. 

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