Playstation 5 Launch, 1080p 30fps To Be Released

Sony's upcoming new gaming console, the PlayStation 5, has literally turned into a tangle. The company recently announced that it will announce playstation 5 at an event on June 4th. However, this event was subsequently canceled, and then the message "soon" was given. Sony announced yesterday evening that the PlayStation 5 will be announced at an event on June 11.

Now a new detail has emerged about this event. Sid Shuman of Sony said in a statement via "PlayStation Blog" that the quality of the event's broadcast will not be at the expected level. The reason for this is that we can be very understood in the process we are in.

According to shuman, the PlayStation 5 event, which will be held on June 11, will be at 1080p resolution and at a refresh rate of 30 fps. This is due to the extreme difficulty of broadcasting 4K in internet traffic due to coronavirus. Still, a launch of 1080p 30fps for players who dream of playing 4K 60fps gaming on the PS5 can be a small-scale disappointment. However, Shuman guarantees that when you plug the PS5 into the 4K TV at home, it will get higher quality.

Shuman also gave advice on the launch of The PlayStation 5. This advice is to monitor the launch event with headphones. Shuman expresses that there are excellent audio shows within the scope of the event, and that this quality may not be noticed on the computer or phone speaker. Shuman did not elaborate on the details of this recommendation, but it seems that playstation 5's 3D audio technology will also be available to players for the first time as part of the event.

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