17 Smart Ways To Use Google Search Engine

Google search engine is an awesome aid for searching our required information. Billion of peoples use google search engine daily for learning process or any other information. If you are unable to find an answer to your question from your friends or family members and they are unable to answer your question then don't worry just use google and you will find millions of answers to your question. Google Search Engine was introduced in 1997 and today it is the world leading search engine. Today we will discuss how to use google search engine for your queries. For a blogger it is very important to have sufficient knowledge about Google Search Engine search.

google search engine
17 Smart Ways To Use Google Search Engine

1. Use long tail keywords 

While using Google search engine use right keyword, your search results will be more accurate and valid. The more faultless your keyword the results will be more closer to your prediction. For this purpose you have to use long tail keywords. For example if you want to search 5 star hotels in a city then use keyword as "5 star hotels in Islamabad" instead of "hotels in Islamabad". You will find your results very close to your search keyword. Therefore use long keywords instead of short for better search results.

google search engine

2. Search for a specific file type

To find the specific file type you want, add the word "filetype:". For example, if you want to search online earning in PDF format, the keywords you use for search will be as:  fried chicken recipes filetype: PDF

google search engine

3. Use OR to make choice 

If you  want to   make a search for two   different   brands   of mobiles  at once, then   enter the     keyword: Qmobile     OR Samsung    mobile. Then   all     searches    about    Qmobile and Samsung  mobile will be displayed.

google search engine

4. Definition of a term

If you want to search google for the definition of a term use Define:. For example you want to search Ohm's law, then use Define:Ohm's law and exactly the Ohm's law will be displayed. 

how to use google search engine

5. See time of a specific city in the world

If you are in search of time of a specific city in the world then use world time: followed by that city name. For example you want to see the time of Islamabad, then use keyword as world time:Islamabad. Accurate search by Google search engine will be displayed for you.

use of google search engine

In the above picture you may see Islamabad is written in Bold Lahore is normal because the search is specific for Islamabad.

6. Search for similar websites

If you want to search for similar or related websites then use this keyword related: website address, for example you want to find some other websites like twitter then search as related:www.twitter.com. You will find a list of similar websites in your search results.

google search engine

As you all know that twitter is a social media website so all the displayed sites in search results belong to social media e.g facebook, flickr, linkedin etc.

7. Search for weather of a city

When you are in need to see weather of a city then use word weather: followed by city name, just like you want to see weather of Karachi then use keyword weather:Karachi. In the search result you will find that every search contain Karachi weather. 

search engine

8. Search a specific category in a specific website

If you want to search a specific word or category inside a specific website then use Google search engine as required word:website address. For example you want to search Cricket, as you enter keyword cricket you will be shown with different websites in search results e.g cnn.com, bbc.com, msn.com etc. Now you want to use only msn.com for cricket category then your search should be like as cricket:www.msn.com you will find all search results of cricket from msn.com. 

advance search of google search engine

9. Using Google search engine as a calculator

You can use Google search engine as a calculator. Enter  your desired mathematical operation directly that you want to search in the search box using signs as: * (times or multiply), / (divide), + (add), - (less or subtract), ^ (rank), sqrt (square root 2), and parentheses or bracket. For example: 1/2+5(10-4)*8=  you will find answer in a second. 

google search engine as a calculator

10. Elimination of a specific word during search

To eliminate a specific word you should use sign of subtraction. For example you want to search for a name  Shahid and do not want Shahid Kapoor then your search keyword should be as Shahid -Kapoor and you will find all shahid results except shahid kapoor in your Google search engine results. While searching Shahid on google you know that Shahid Kapoor is very famous celebrity in the world, all searches will contain Shahid Kapoor, for this purpose we use subtraction sign to eliminate Kapoor, to find accurate search results.

google search engine

11. Unit conversion

Enter the units directly in search box you want to change. Use word To for conversion. If you want to convert kilometers to meters then use Google search engine as 1km to m and you will find your search result with converted values. 

unit conversion using google search engine

12. Currency conversion

For currency conversion directly enter your currency short forms and use To for conversion. Let suppose you want to convert United States Dollar to Pakistani Rupee then your search should be like this usd to pkr. 

currency conversion using google search engine

13. Search a book or an image

Searching a book or an image in Google search engine is very simple. Just enter your keyword and click Book or Images below the search box. You will find books and images related to your keyword. 

images in google search engine

14. Search a video or news for a particular keyword

You can use Google search engine for videos or news directly. Enter your keyword and click on Videos tab or News tab. All available videos and news on internet will be displayed in search results.

use of google search engine for video search

15. Search a specific word using language and TLDs 

When you are in search of a word in a specific language containing TLDs as .com, .net, .pk etc. Then your search should look like this site:.com backlinks language:eng. In this combination my search word is backlinks and language is English while my Top Level Domain is .com. All search results will contain websites having .com TLDs.

google search engine

16. Collecting email addresses

If you want to collect email addresses for your business from a specific country. Use social media site, your desired business and country name in search type. For example you want to get email from United States for online jobs from facebook or twitter with yahoo or gmail extension, then your search should be as site:socialmediasite "online jobs" "country name" "gmail.com" you will find accurate results for your search. Let suppose I want to find email addresses in United States using facebook for online jobs with gmail extension. site:facebook.com "online jobs" "united states" "gmail.com". 

gogle search engine

17. Google advance search

Google search engine has many types of search. There is an option of Advance Search to find things as you wish. In advance search option you have the control the size, pixels, color, time, type and usage rights. You may click Tools to see all these options or select Settings to find out your required search results. 

advance search of google search engine

After clicking on Advance search you will be redirected to another page. There you can select size, type, color, usage rights and many other option to summarize your search results. This is an outstanding option Google provides to its visitors. When you click  Tools  for this advance search purpose you will see a new bar below search box containing color, type, size etc. 

tools of google search engine

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