How To Remove Bad Backlinks ┃ Google's Disavow Tool

While making your blog or website rank high in search engines results, it is extremely crucial to have admirable backlinks to execute your target. For this purpose it is very mandatory to remove bad or spam backlinks time to time. Today scenario has been changed, only backlinks are not required to boost your blog or website SEO up, but exceptional backlinks are required. Due to doubtful backlinks your site may be penalized by Google. 

How To Remove Bad Backlinks ┃ Google's Disavow Tool
How To Remove Bad Backlinks ┃ Google's Disavow Tool

Abnormal and freakish backlinks may brake your website in search engine results. Therefore it should be your first priority to remove bad backlinks that may harm your website domain and page authority. 

Since the Google Penguin has been launched in 2012, good quality backlinks are very important for your website to rank high in search engines. The Google Penguin purpose is to honour good quality websites and to penalized poor quality websites.

Google Penguin

Since Google monitors all websites in real time, therefore bad or spam backlinks should be deleted or removed regularly. Otherwise it will increase your website spam rate.

Backlinks play a vital role in website SEO but sometime when there are so many bad backlinks they drag your website reputation to the bottom in search engines. 

Bad backlinks are the links that comes from a doubtful, spam or low-authority website to your blog or website. So identify and analyze bad backlinks and remove to rank up in search engines. 

How to calculate number of bad quality backlinks

To find number of bad quality backlinks visit

How To Remove Bad Backlinks ┃ Google's Disavow Tool

  • In the left side menu click Domain Authority Checker. 
  • Type your website URL and solve captcha.
  • Click Check button.
  • After a minute you will see full report of your website.
  • You will see the number of Total Backlinks (TB) and Quality Backlinks (QB). 
  • Now subtract quality backlinks from total backlinks and the remaining number is your website bad or spam backlinks.
  • Search and find these bad backlinks and remove all. 

Google's Search Console to for identify bad backlinks

For removing  bad backlinks we use two tools i.e Google Search Console and Google Disavow Tool.

How To Remove Bad Backlinks ┃ Google's Disavow Tool

  • Type Google Search Console in Google search. 
  • In Google Search Console select your property (website) for which you want to remove bad backlinks. 
  • Select Link tab from left side menu.
How To Remove Bad Backlinks ┃ Google's Disavow Tool

  • On the next page click Top Linking Sites. 
  • You will see all websites.
How To Remove Bad Backlinks ┃ Google's Disavow Tool

  • Now Find the websites that has the bad backlinks. Click the website URL and on the new page click your website URL. On the new page click the arrow sign next to URL from where you have taken backlink. It is not opening so this is a bad backlink. 
Google Search Console

Now the question is how to remove this bad backlink? 

  • Click EXPORT button.
  • Select Google Sheets
  • On the next page press Ctrl+A (Select All) and then Ctrl+C (Copy).
  • Open a new Notepad file and Paste all the backlinks.
  • Now Save the file with .txt extension.

Google's Disavow Tool to remove bad backlinks

How To Remove Bad Backlinks ┃ Google's Disavow Tool

  • Search Google for Disavow Links Tool.
  • Open the first website in new tab.
  • Click the dropdown window and select your website for which you want to remove or delete bad backlinks.
  • Click DISAVOW LINKS button.
  • On the next page again click Disavow Links button.
  • Click Choose File button and select your previously saved file. 
  • Upload the file and click Submit.
  • After uploading click Done.
How To Remove Bad Backlinks ┃ Google's Disavow Tool

After few days you will receive an email about removal of this backlinks. Revise this procedure for all website you want to remove bad backlinks. This is very very simple procedure to remove bad backlinks and to rank your website in search engines results.

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