Produced only 100 Pieces, 24 Carat Gold Plate playstation 5

UK-based luxury design company Truly Exquisite has created a special design for PlayStation 5. The design covers the PlayStation 5 with 24-karat gold, making the console much more valuable. The company says the 24-karat gold-plated PlayStation 5 will produce up to 100 units.

Japan-based tech giant Sony will present its new gaming console, The PlayStation 5, to gamers at the end of this year. The company has already showcased both the design and its games of this game console with events for playstation 5. The design of the game console was able to amaze some players. Now a special PlayStation 5 design has been created. Only the richest people in the world will be able to have this design.

Truly Exquisite, a UK-based luxury design store, has created a unique and unfamiliar design for the PlayStation 5. In fact, the design created by Truly Exquisite is the same structure as the original PlayStation 5. However, the company chose to use gold to make this game console much more unique. The design that was created looks quite eye-catching.

Truly Exquisite is not only the PlayStation 5 itself, but dualsense and another headset covered in gold. The 24-karat gold finish makes the game console much more impressive with its features. But when we look at the thermodynamic dimension of the work, it's important to remember that the PlayStation 5 generates 10.28 teraflops and that power should remain cold. Considering that gold is a good heatconductor, this stylish design can make things a little difficult.

The British design company did not address the price of the 24-karat gold-plated PlayStation 5 they created. It also means that this product can produce up to 100 units. So not everyone with money will have this special design PlayStation 5. Sony recently announced that the PlayStation 5 will have designs with different finishes. However, sony has such a design idea, which is not something we expected.

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