Qualcomm Announces Technology Quick Charge 5 That Can Charge a Phone in 15 Minutes

Qualcomm has announced its new fast charging standard, Quick Charge 5. The Quick Charge 5, which is the fastest commercial fast charging solution in the world, is 70 percent more efficient than its predecessor. This technology can charge an average battery in 15 minutes.

Qualcomm, one of the first companies to come to mind when it comes to smartphone equipment, has announced a new fast charging standard. The new fast charging standard, called "Quick Charge 5", can rise above 100 watts. Its efficiency is about 70 percent higher than Quick Charge 4. This efficiency seems to be a size for the fast charging supports of smartphones.

In some of our recent stories we have shared with you; We have talked about new fast charging technologies from various technology manufacturers such as Xiaomi, OPPO and iQOO. While these technologies have a higher wattage value than Qualcomm, it is worth mentioning that Qualcomm's new fast charging standard is more important. Because Qualcomm has developed a standard that all technology manufacturers will use.

Qualcomm describes Quick Charge 5 technology as the world's fastest commercial charging solution. This reveals that any technology manufacturer who wants to benefit from this technology can benefit from this technology. So what does this technology offer and how does it work for consumers? Let's all look at the details of Qualcomm's Quick Charge 5 technology.

The Quick Charge 5 standard works thanks to two-part battery technology, just like high-speed charging technologies announced by other tech manufacturers. This is not a problem for users. So while a user continues to use its battery with all its performance, the phone contains two battery parts with the same capacity.

One of the most curious issues about Qualcomm's new fast charging standard is what devices these technologies will appear on. The company also said the Quick Charge 5 could be used in Snapdragon 865 and 700 series processors. In addition, the company says the new fast charging standard can be used not only on smartphones, but also in accessories.

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