Xiaomi Works on a Phone With an Internal Wireless Headset

Xiaomi has demonstrated in a new patent on which direction the future of smartphones can evolve. The company's new patent shows that a phone without a front camera and with built-in wireless headphones is under development.
Chinese tech giant Xiaomi has managed to become one of the most important figures in the smartphone industry. The company has introduced products that sometimes have high hardware features at affordable prices and sometimes radical changes in design terms. Now Xiaomi has patented for a phone with a lot of talk.

With the development of the smartphone industry, wireless products have become of great importance. Wireless headphones in particular have become popular lately from good to good. Xiaomi engineers who do not ignore this situation also seem to have taken a step that will affect consumers. The new smartphone, patented by Xiaomi, comes with an internal wireless headset.

The patent, which was uncovered through LetsGoDigital, appears to have been placed in the section on the phone with a wireless headset. So with Xiaomi's smartphone, wireless headphones will always be carried with the phone. In this way, the situation of forgetting or losing wireless headphones will be in history. Of course, xiaomi needs to launch this smartphone in order to have such an advantage.

The built-in wireless headphones of xiaomi's smartphone patent have a moving mechanism. This mechanism allows the ends of the wireless headset to rotate. This takes up a minimum space when the headset is attached to the phone. Users also rotate the headset after removing it from the phone and inserting it into their ears.

The main problem with wireless headphones is their usage times. The wireless headphones we've seen so far were charging with boxes they had. Xiaomi's new patented wireless headphones do not have any charging boxes. Users will use a smartphone instead of a charging box and charge the headphones via the smartphone. However, it is not known at this time how this will affect the phone's battery.

The only interesting thing about the new smartphone patented by Xiaomi is not that this smartphone has built-in wireless headphones. If you looked carefully at the images above, you may have noticed that there is no notch or hole for the front camera. This suggests that Xiaomi's new patent could have under-screen cameras. Xiaomi could change all balances in the smartphone industry if it launches this patent.

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