Google announces return of Google Maps to Apple Watch and compatibility with Apple CarPlay Dashboard

Google maps on Apple Watch: Google reintroduces Google Maps to Apple Watch after three years! Google on Monday sent out a statement with two announcements. The tech major said that its Maps was now going to be available for users of Apple products as well. A major announcement was that Google Maps was bringing a new app for the Apple Watch, while now, it was also compatible with Apple’s CarPlay dashboard.

Apple Watch with Google Maps

Google stated that smartwatches help in gathering information on the wrist and keeping that in mind, the giant launched Maps app for Apple Watch. With this, users would be able to find turn-by-turn directions on their wrist, whether they are on bike, car, public transit or on foot. With the app, users would also be able to get the estimated arrival time to reach their destinations.

However, on Apple Watch, users would only be able to find these features for places like work or home or places that have been saved on Google Maps. In case a user wants to get directions to a new place, the users would have to start the process of getting navigation via a phone and only then would they be able to pick up the navigation via the watch.

Google would be rolling out the app for Apple Watch users all over the world in the coming weeks, the giant announced.

In 2017, Google had launched an extension of the Maps app for iPhone for the Apple Watch, but it was withdrawn without any explanation, according to reports. This was a part of a mass removal of several apps from the Apple Watch, which also saw apps like Amazon getting removed then. However, since then, Apple has launched a dedicated App Store for Watch. Earlier, users had to begin the app downloads for Watch using an iPhone.

Apple CarPlay Dashboard and Google Maps

Google has also announced that its Maps is now compatible with the Apple CarPlay Dashboard for all the supported vehicles globally. Apple’s CarPlay Dashboard allows users to access third-party navigation apps as well, even as Apple Maps remains the primary navigation app. To allow users to use the navigation app of their choice, the CarPlay Dashboard is equipped with these third-party navigation apps, which will now have Google Maps as well.

Google said in its statement that the Google Maps for the dashboard would begin rolling out this week itself with the next iOS update.

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