Google Mail And Google Drive Server Is Down

The server for Google Mail, Google's popular email service, is down, and because of this, users cannot send mail anywhere. The problem of the (Google Mail) Gmail crash was seen not only in India but in many countries around the world. Users complained about this through the social media account Twitter and also said that there is a problem using Google Drive in conjunction with Gmail.
Google Mail And Google Drive Server Is Down
Down detector shared the information about the(Google Mail) Gmail crash, saying that users have filed a complaint stating that they cannot send mail in Gmail or open any files in Google Drive. At the same time, the down detector says that the problem has been noticed on the Gmail and Google Drive servers as well as YouTube, which is causing problems in uploading videos. Although Gmail has not made any confirmation, according to the report, the company has begun work to fix this technical problem.

The problem of Gmail stagnation has been seen in many countries around the world, including Australia and Japan. (Google Mail) Gmail users cannot attach any files. An Indian user has written on Twitter that Gmail is inactive for a long time and no files are attached to it. At the same time, a user wrote sarcastically that for the first time my internet did not become unstable but Gmail.

However, this is not the first news that Google Mail does not work, but the second time that Gmail does not work in the last two months. Previously, when Gmail happened, users had trouble signing in. But the company fixed the problem after a while. However, the main reason for the drop was not shared. In such a situation, hope that the Gmail team will fix this problem soon.

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