How To Turn On The Radio in Fortnite Game

The Joyride update for Fortnite adds a variety of different cars for players to find and hop into around the map. Players can also listen to four different radio stations whenever they get into a car in-game.

When you discover a car in Fortnite, you can enter it and drive around, honk the horn, and listen to different radio stations. When it comes to radio stations in particular, many have wondered how you turn the car radio on or off. As of right now, Epic Games has disabled the radio feature in vehicles for the time being as they’re working to fix a bug. Once that bug is fixed, the radio will once again be made available in Fortnite. 

When that happens, you should see a list of controls pop up when you enter a car explaining how to drive, how to honk, how to switch seat positions, and how to turn the radio on or off. It’s similar to when you enter a helicopter or boat. Be sure to check back, as we’ll be expanding the information in this guide once Epic Games re-enables the radio feature in Fortnite.

How to turn on the radio 

When you hop in your car, the radio will automatically be on. On the left side of the screen, you will see a list of commands, including one for turning the radio off and on. On PC this is done by hitting the C button, and you can just hit whatever the prompted button is on console or mobile to do that same.

You can change radio stations by hitting the relevant prompted button, which will be R on PC. This will cycle through the radio stations that you can listen to.

How many radio stations are there? 

There are four radio stations at the moment, but this could be expanded upon in the future. Party Royale Beat Box Radio Yonder Power Play

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