Instagram Has The Ability to Find Users with QR Code [How to Use it?]

Instagram has introduced the recently popular QR code feature to users globally. This feature allows the account to be easily accessed by scanning the unique QR code for an Instagram account. This feature seems to be of great importance, especially for businesses.

Instagram users are using a new feature today. This feature, which is introduced as QR code and recently released on WhatsApp, seems to make it very easy for users to do their job. Because you won't have to search for the username to find a user anymore.

The main idea behind Instagram developers creating QR code features is actually making things easier for businesses. Using this feature, business accounts will be able to share their accounts in different locations and even on billboards. In this way, users will be able to easily find the account for that business. Of course, this also applies to individual users. 

To use Instagram's QR code feature, you must first access your profile page. When you tap the three-line button on both Android and iOS on the top right, you can also see the menu created for QR codes. Using this menu, you can also view your account's QR code and share it with anyone or on a different account.

You can experience Instagram's new feature through the stock camera app on your phone. So you don't need to use Instagram's camera feature for this feature. However, if you're going to try this feature in the Android ecosystem, the "Share" button doesn't seem to be very active in some Android versions. Because qr code crashes the application as it prepares to be shared. Developers will probably resolve this issue as soon as possible.

With the latest incoming feature, users will be able to share their profiles through QR codes from now on. This new feature of Instagram seems to provide significant conveniences for individual users as well as business accounts. So what is your opinion about this particular? Will you use Instagram's QR code feature? You can share your ideas with us.

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