NASA Announces World's Magnetic Field Collapse Grows

The magnetic field weakness in the South Atlantic Anomaly has increased, NASA said. The collapse is moving westward, according to the statements.

Scientists from NASA, which continues to study earth and its surroundings, have found that earth's magnetic field is weakening south of the South American continent and the Atlantic Ocean. The regional weakening, known as the South Atlantic Anomaly (SAA), is moving westward, scientists have said.

Our star, the Sun, also sends particles loaded on to Earth other than heat and light. The Earth's magnetic field makes life possible by preventing these charged particles from reaching our planet. The arrival of loaded particles on Earth is not only life-threatening and prevents the smooth operation of electronic devices that make today's civilization possible.

According to scientists, the 'collapse' that appeared in the magnetic field was caused by the solar winds deforming the Van Allen Belts, which are formed by the Earth's magnetic field.

"An area with reverse polarity grew rapidly in what is known as the South Atlantic Anomaly. Therefore, the (magnetic) density in that area is severely low compared to its circumference," he said, adding that the region creates a magnetic weakness.

Magnetic weakness in the South Atlantic Anomaly can cause satellites passing through to be exposed to the loaded particles and radiation above normal. Therefore, satellites may experience problems and some of the electronic devices we often use may not work properly. Scientists who are aware of all this are closely monitoring the collapse in the magnetic field.

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