Netflix Officially Announces 'Resident Evil' Series: Here are the First Details

Netflix made its first official announcements for its upcoming new series Resident Evil. 

According to the explanations made: the first season will be composed of 8 episodes of 1 hour, two different time zones. The release date of the series, which caused a great deal of excitement, has not been announced at this time.

Netflix, which has been the subject of various controversy in recent times but has lost nothing in its popularity, is continuing to work on a new series. 

The platform, which will turn Resident Evil into a series that has emerged as a popular production in the video game world, has revealed the first official details about this series today. 

Andrew Dabb, netflix's number one name in the upcoming upcoming Resident Evil series, said in a statement that Resident Evil is his favorite game at all times. Dabb stated that the game has a great story and is very happy to present this story to Netflix users around the world, and says that the show will be a lot of new fans on the one hand, while people who know Resident Evil from the game will admire this series.

According to Netflix officials, the upcoming Resident Evil series will take over in two different time zones. One of these time frames will follow Jade and Billie Wesker, who settled in New Raccoon City in their adolescence. Children will learn that this place they settle in contains much more than it actually is, and that their father hides secrets that can destroy the world.

When we get to the second time frame, we'll see Jade's 30-year-old. In the second tranche, which will pass about 10 years after the first time frame, there will be around 15 million people left worldwide. In this episode of the series, we will witness the struggle to deal with around 6 billion people infected with the "T" virus in the face of around 15 million people. Jade will be one of the people who's trying to fight the creatures.

Netflix has not released an official release date for the series Resident Evil. However, according to the information obtained so far, the first season of the new series will consist of 8 episodes of 1 hour. The series is also produced by Robert Kulzer and Oliver Berben of Constantin Film. In the coming days, it looks set to reveal much more detailed information about Netflix's upcoming new original series.

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