Notification Light on Galaxy S20 Ultra and Plus

The special notification light field on the Samsung Galaxy S10 and galaxy s9 has disappeared. However, this problem was solved with the screen animation light. With the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra and S20 Plus, the EdgeLighting+ feature, similar to third-party solutions, such as Holey Light or ARC Lighting apps in the Play Store, has been updated.

With the new Galaxy S20, Plus and Ultra versions, Samsung has taken edge lighting's stock notification light solution to a whole new level that doesn't require you to search for extra apps.
Here's how to turn on and adjust the smart notification light on Samsung S20+ and S20 Ultra devices. Read our article here to turn on the smart notification light on the Galaxy S20.

  • From Settings (app icon in the notification bar), tap Edge lighting on the Screen.
  • Tap The Lighting style to customize the color, effects, width, transparency, and duration of edge lighting.
  • Tap Add keywords to create a smart lighting effect triggered by specific text in notification headers and body.
  • Tap Show Edge lighting to choose whether to change notification pop-ups when the screen is on/off/both.
  • Tap Select App to select apps that can enable Edge lighting when a notification is received.
  • When you're done, tap Done.
  • For example, if the word "coronavirus" passes in Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or Gmail notifications, you'll see a red notification light around your Galaxy S20. It's a bit childish, but it's pretty cool compared to the Galaxy S10 family's Edge Lighting options.

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