PS5 Controller DualSense's Black Color Revealed

In these images shared by Sony, DualSense had two basic colors, as it was a first for Sony. The Japanese company, which has always preferred a monochrome design in the controllers it has released in recent years, also did not disclose any different color options related to DualSense. Now photos showing DualSense's possible black design have appeared online.

When we look at the images, we see a dual-color DualSense controller dominated by black. The buttons and the D-Pad use white, while all the rest are black. Assuming these images are real, we can also say that a flat black controller, as users want, is not among Sony's recent plans.

These unknown images also contain the first information about the size of the controller. Accordingly, The PlayStation 5's controller, DualSense, will have a width of approximately 180 mm and a height of 120 mm.

For comparison, the PlayStation 4's controller, DualShock 4, was approximately 162 mm wide and 98 mm high. This means that the new DualSense is quite large compared to the previous generation dualshock 4.

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