Samsung sells the Galaxy Note 20’s S Pen for $40

The Samsung Galaxy Note series has distinguished itself from the flagship Galaxy S series with the handy S Pen, so much so that it has become a vital part of the Note user experience. With the Galaxy Note 20 series, Samsung introduced a new S Pen that boasts of a very low 9ms latency on the Ultra, and a still respectable 26ms on the regular Galaxy Note 20. The pen is integrated into the body and design on the Note series, but you still need to pop it out of the phone when you want to use it. If you ever lose your S Pen, know that you can separately buy the Galaxy Note 20’s S Pen for $40 from Samsung officially.

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If you do end up in a situation where you need a replacement, Samsung has you covered (for a price). We can foresee situations where users might end up losing their S Pen, or it breaks or is irreparably damaged. In such a case, you can buy an official S Pen from Samsung as a replacement.

    S Pen for Galaxy Note 20 series
    The S Pen is one of the defining characteristics of the Galaxy Note lineup and one of its biggest highlights. If you ever lose or break the S Pen on your Galaxy Note 20 or Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, you can buy an official replacement from Samsung.

The S Pen for the Note 20 series is available in Black, Green, White, Copper, and Gray. Samsung lists that the pen (model number: EJ-PN980BBEGU) is compatible with both the Galaxy Note 20 and the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

S Pen for Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Note 20 Ultra - Copper

The S Pen allows you to take notes on the Galaxy Note 20’s screen directly as soon as you pop it out, without even needing to unlock the phone. These notes are saved to the Samsung Notes app automatically when you insert the pen back into its slot in the phone. This makes the pen a vital productivity tool, letting you always have a figurative pen and paper handy for note-taking. Other software features include air gestures that make use of the accelerometer and gyroscope in the pen to allow you to use it as a controller for presentations and for changing modes on the cameras. There’s also Air Command that houses several shortcuts, and even includes the Smart Select tool that lets you select contents of your screen and do further actions. The pen also has a 0.7mm tip diameter, 4096 pressure level support, 10m of range, and an IP68 rating. Needless to say, the S Pen is quite useful, so it is advised to take good care of it.

    Buy the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series
    If you want to buy the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and want the easiest check out possible, and the safety of ordering through your existing Amazon account, look no further. There's a range of color choices and storage options, all available for quick delivery.

Samsung also separately sells the compatible pen for the Note 10, Note 9, Tab S6, and Tab S6 Lite.

Source : xda-developers

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