15 New Features coming to iPhones on iOS 14

Apple announced many innovations at WWDC 2020 last June and has not derailed this year and has officially put on a show with innovations in operating systems. With the new update of Apple's mobile operating system iOS 14, there are 15 useful iOS 14 features that iPhone smartphones will get

The iOS 14 operating system update, which aims to make users' lives easier than ever, has also been highly acclaimed, with some features that haven't changed in a long time and are causing users difficulties. Now let's take a closer look at these features.

iOS 14 New Features: 

  • Widgets
  • App Library
  • App Clips
  • Siri
  • Picture-in-Picture
  • Maps
  • Search Screen
  • Safari
  • Spatial Audio
  • Car Keys
  • Messages
  • Translate
  • Default Apps
  • Memoji: Face Mask
  • Enhanced Privacy

Widgets: Android's favorite feature is on iOS

The Widget feature has been available for a very long time on Android, a rival of Apple's iOS operating system. iPhone users also want to be able to experience this feature and use their own customizable Widgets. It's possible now. With the iOS 14 operating system, widget is included in the iOS ecosystem. Weather, news, maps, calendars and many widget options can be positioned on the home screen.

App Clips: Your wallet is with you

App Clips, a brand new feature, makes it easier than ever to pay with iPhones. From restaurants to electric scooters, from parking meters to auto mechanics, app clips that work with the NFC feature of the iPhone wherever you have the option to pay with Apple appear on the screen and pay with your iPhone touching the point of payment.

Siri: Voice assistant that doesn't cover the entire screen

Siri, the voice assistant to the Apple ecosystem, makes life easier with its "alarm setting, searching, taking notes, searching the internet" and more. However, when we wanted to use Siri, our entire screen was covered with the Siri interface. With iOS 14, this problem is eliminated. When you send a command to Siri, Apple's voice assistant now appears at the bottom of the screen, detecting the command and coming straight to the conclusion. There are no Siri interfaces in between.

iOS 14 Picture-in-Picture

You're watching a video or making a video call. You wanted to quit the application you performed and switch to another application, but if you do, the image will pause. With iOS operating system update iOS 14, picture-in-picture feature has also been available on iPhones. It's now possible to switch to another app while streaming a video that's open on Netflix, YouTube, Photos, FaceTime, Skype, and more. You can even send the video to the bar on the left side of the screen and preserve only the sound.

Incoming Call Screen: Can now shrink notifications

Finally. The biggest issue iPhone users suffer from is no longer a problem. People using an iPhone could not return to the home screen when they received a call, they had to refuse the call in order to return. Completely changing this interface, Apple makes incoming calls look like a notification on iOS 14.

Car Keys: Using iPhone as car key

You no longer have to carry your car keys with you, says Apple. The Car Keys technology it introduces unlocks the vehicle when you're near your vehicle. The iOS 14 update feature, which works on the same system to start the engine, lifts car keys to dusty shelves of history. You can turn this feature off and on at any time.

App Library: Apps are self-regulating

Another feature we haven't seen before in iOS and that comes with the new update is the App Library. This feature, which is the Application Library in Turkish, allows all applications to be listed grouped in one place. In this way, users have much easier and faster access to the applications they want.

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